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You Need to Update your iPhone, Chrome Browser, and Windows Computer Right Now

Includes: The importance of updating your devices

Illustration of artificial Intelligence
Illustration of artificial Intelligence

The importance of updating your devices

If our devices were perfect, they would not require any updates and run smoothly all the time. Sadly, this is not the case, similar to evolution and how mammals gain new features to better adapt to their surroundings, our connected devices face constant threats from their environment (Cybercriminals). With each new release of a product, cybercriminals rush to find flaws in that product and exploit it for some sort of gain. The manufacturers are constantly against a race of time to patch the flaws as soon as possible once they have been found out. This is why we constantly get product updates, even though sometimes annoying, they are crucial to safety online.

Apple iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16

In October two iOS 16 versions were released following the launch of the iPhone’s iOS. First came iOS 16.0.3, which fixed issues, including:

  • Bugs

  • Security flaw in Mail

  • This flaw could allow a DOSA (denial of service) attack

Weeks later apple released their newest iPads running iPadOS 16. These unfortunately came with quite a bit of flaws.

Know as CVE-2022-42827, the kernel vulnerability could possibly allow any malicious application to execute code with kernel privileges, according to Apple’s support page. The new iOS updates should fix:

  • 20 vulnerabilities in total

  • Including three in the kernel at the heart of the iPhone’s operating system.

  • Apple has also released:

  • iOS 15.7.1 and iPadOS 15.7.1

We advise you to update to iOS 16.1 or iOS 15.7.1 as soon as possible.

Google Chrome

Google had an emergency update In October. The issue known as CVE-2022-3723 allowed for the execution of malicious code which allowed the hacker to gain control of the system which could lead to passwords, financial information, and personal information being compromised.

We advise you to update your google chrome browser as soon as possible.

Microsoft patch

Microsoft released a hefty 84 patches this Tuesday, 13 of these are critical and one of these has already been used in multiple attacks. These flaws are known as CVE-2022-41033 affects most versions of windows.

We advise updating your devices as soon as possible

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