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Complete Cloud

When you select our Complete Cloud hosting package, you can be assured that everything you need for your I.T Cloud infrastructure is included. Our pricing structure is simple, and charged by the number of users that you require. Hosted from our Calgary, Alberta data center, our basic Complete Cloud offering includes a primary terminal server which can be access remotely by all of your staff via standard remote desktop, and includes Microsoft office.

Complete Cloud Hosting

Starting at


$55/Month Per User

  • Unlimited Disk and Bandwidth

  • SSD Hosting for RSD Included

  • TrueSupport Included

Our most popular package. CompleteCloud is a
comprehensive package, which includes everything
you need for a cloud hosted infrastructure as a service solution. It includes 2 servers, remote desktop and Microsoft Office. Exchange Server, Antivirus and Anti-Spam services are available. Our Complete Cloud package also includes our legendary True Support for support and management.

Complete Cloud Plus

Starting at


$75/Month Per User

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • SSD Hosting Available

  • Unmanaged or with TrueSupport

Our basic in-the-cloud server package. This is a single Windows Server offering, starting at 2GB of RAM and 2 vCPUs. With full administrative and remote control privileges, you can choose to manage the server yourself or add our legendary True Support services. Great performance, accessible and secured - a no compromises foundation for your companies cloud presense

Complete Cloud Pro

Starting at


$150/ Month Per User

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Custom application server hosting

  • Unmanaged or with TrueSupport

This is the package for you if you need a custom
application server. Whether you need Sharepoint, a
web server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, or any other application, we can help you build it. From a single server architecture to a multi server function driven hosting farm, we have you covered for customization, performance and scalability.

Find Out How We Can Help You

  • One Customer Case Study

  • Legendary True Support 

Our Case Study 

SafetyBOSS, an Alberta based oilfield services company, migrated to our Complete Cloud platform. Discover the simplification of their infrastructure as it migrated to the cloud, along with significant cost savings, support requirement reductions, and the elimination of a sizeable capital spending requirement. We migrated SafetyBOSS I.T. infrastructure for their head office location, and their other 4 branch offices into our Complete Cloud platform, and they haven't looked back. Complete Cloud allows SafetyBOSS to focus on their primary mission: "Prevent. Detect. Respond."


Our TrueSupport Team

Big Wave

Our legendary TrueSupport team is more than a tier 1 "helpdesk" group, they are a team of senior real-world I.T. consultants - who manage your infrastructure and support you in a way that no other "helpdesk" can. We're different. You don't need support ticket numbers with us, you just need a phone or email. Real help, management and support. Simple, when you need it

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