IT Consulting Services

If you are looking for occasional support or project assistance, Plenum offers hourly IT consulting services. Our technical staff can assist you on an hourly rate basis with full-spectrum IT support from your business communications through to your IT infrastructure.

IT Consulting Services

What we do

Our group of technicians has 20+ years of Information Technology Experience

Our group of technicians have years of information technology experience at work for you.

Our technicians have diverse expertise; from cabling, surveillance systems to phones, workstations, server and network infrastructure. Leverage years of technological experience.
Plenum Group is your trusted technology advisor

We are your trusted technology advisor

We use our expertise to have technical conversations and procure IT equipment on your behalf through our extensive vendor network. We’ll supply the right hardware and software solutions for your business.

Our technicians are knowledgeable and prompt

Leverage our experience to troubleshoot your issue quickly and offer you solutions.

What Sets Us Apart?

Managed IT Services vs Hiring In-House

Our Consulting Services

Plenum’s consulting services can assist you with a variety of services, such as: